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Weight Management Program

Weight related problems starts when there is very less communication between each cell of the body, so when we start with a routine of weight management, we should look to correct from the roots which are the cells. 

Get in touch with the nutritionist to understand what modifications are required to manage the weight effectively. We are one of the best nutritionist in bangalore. 

Measuring Waist - reduce waist line with proper diet plan. Be slimmer and fitter

Our Programs

Know how it works :)

  • One on one online consultation (30-45 minutes - initial assessment which includes your medical history assessment as well)

  • Preprogram (1 Week)Main Program

  • Meal Tracking

  • What's app support for all queries.

  • Weekly follow ups through calls or video consultation

  • Online Workout session (Optional)

  • Advice for Vitamin and minerals, if necessary

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can not be build up in a single day..

It takes efforts and time

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