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Thyroid - That small but powerful butterfly

Thyroid Gland Like Pedals of Car. All of body’s processes are controlled by Thyroid Gland. Women are three times more likely to be affected by hypothyroidism than men.

Thyroid disorders come with a lot of symptoms.
People often feel restlessness, anxiety, feeling too high or too low suddenly etc. If you have any if these symptoms, may be its time to get yourself tested and work on the same by lifestyle correction, certain vitamins and minerals can turn the game around in your thyroid functioning, so get in touch with the nutritionist to understand more. 

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Our Programs


Know how it works :)

  • One on one online consultation (30-45 minutes - initial assessment which includes your medical history assessment as well)

  • Preprogram (1 Week)Main Program

  • Meal Tracking

  • What's app support for all queries.

  • Weekly follow ups through calls or video consultation

  • Online Workout session (Optional)

  • Advice for Vitamin and minerals, if necessary

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can not be build up in a single day..

It takes efforts and time

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