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Which are the best cooking oils l How to select right cooking oil

Confusion and fuss around cooking oils. Clever marketing of these so called heart healthy cheap refined oils have led to so many problems like burning sensation i.e inflammation etc. Alongside this, another clever marketing lie which they spread is to defame our mustard oil, coconut oil, ghee, peanut oil or seed oils that we started using refined versions of them or replacing them with Olive Oil. Remember the oils which are suitable for our Indian way of cooking requires high smoking point. Refined oils are cheap but it costs us way too much later. Also, in the name of dieting people are told to not eat nuts, I mean we can understand if you are allergic to nuts then you can avoid otherwise you are again increasing the gap of Omega3 and Omega6. Don’t simply get fooled with aggressive marketing tricks. You can Increase your Omega3 intake with a good quality natural supplement.

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