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Vinod Mandoth, Businessmen, Bangalore

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

If it is to be, it is upto me...

Mr. Vinod Mandoth met with a major accident last year, a metal rod was put in one of his leg, in the course of recovery due to less physical activity he gained around 10kgs, not only that he gained it majorly in abdomen region that is belly fat..

After few months he could again start cycling along with proper lifestyle which helped him not only to reduce weight but belly fat also, he reduced around 6.5kgs and 2.5 inches of waistline in a span of 3 month's with limited assistance from his limps as he still feels the pain when he tries to do extra workout or jump.

Nevertheless, the work is still half done, he is still living in the present and looking to start all over again to further work on his fat percentage and energy levels.

More importantly on his rehab to fully recover from the injury...

Kudos to his motivation at the age of 40, many people often at this age start taking things for granted and think that these cholesterol, BP, thyroid,sugar are normal but it's not at all normal, it can be reversed for the good... If you are looking for dietician in bangalore for weight loss or nutritionist to reduce fat loss, you can also search us on quora we provide answers to lot of queries.


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