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Should we drink milk? | दूध कब और कैसे पिए | Sabse paushtik dudh kaunsa hai?

Milk is undoubtedly one of the most popular & nutritious drink in the world. However, to reap it full benefits one should know the best way and time to consume it. Here you will find all important facts about dairy milk also how & when to drink it to enjoy its whole benefits. 0:00 introduction 2:20 Should we drink milk or not? 5:00 What made you setup Goshala? 7:18 Importance of hump? 9:38 Is cow milk made for humans or not? 14:38 How much ghee, butter and milk we can consume and the process of making? 18:00 What do you feed cows? 21:20 Should we Indians turn vegan? 22:28 Steps to avoid cow slaughtering? 26:22 Benefits of A2 cow milk 27:46 Benefits of cow urine 30:00 How to bring forth indigenous cow back to our culture? For more Health related videos SUBSCRIBE to our channel. . You can also follow our Instagram Website

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