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Akshay Kumar Telkar Rahul understood my problem in detail and helped in a very realistic way. I felt easy to follow the diet plan since it didn't include anything out of our usual recipe. It's very kind of him that he keeps following up asking if things are going fine. I would definitely recommend healing india for easy, effective and natural approach towards better health. Siddharth Baliyan Very nice way of guiding, Humble person and the best part of the program is: you learn to keep a track of everything you consume. Good way of becoming conscious. Niharika Gupta Healing India has been saviour for me. I had pcos and thyroid after marriage. The extra weight that I had gained and the hormonal issues I was facing, I could easily overcome through their desi diet. Highly recommended!! Sugandh Jain - Jain Shikanji (Shark Tank) Its my gratitude to have a link with one of the most versatile person Mr. Rahul who is promoting HEALING INDIA one of the finest health dietician in our nearby region. I am feeling so obliged to have a connection with him. Lets come and be healthy.My best experience is he helps me out to loose my weight in no time and the special thing is that there is no restrictions on any kind of food items and i am quite happy with the way he deals with individual condition and try to uproot the problem from the base.. #fitindia..

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