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Indian Superfood : Ghee

Ghee - The Indian Superfood..

People avoid Ghee because they have been told it makes you fat or their cholesterol will increase, don’t become a blaming machine instead look into other factors if you are doing exercise or not, not having stress, eating right food or not.

Often people get confused as to which Ghee we should buy, I think they should try to make ghee at home or else buy from the nearby Goshala, instead of buying marketed so called organic hydrogenated Ghee where they treat cow as a machine.

It’s a great sources of energy for childrens. Often they are misinformed to avoid Ghee and that is when you can see within some time they start looking older than their age, unhealthy hairs

In winters you must have seen lot of people make Laddu’s made with besan, ghee, jaggery for lot of health benefits. But now the same laddu’s are made in the western countries and they name it Energy Balls and then we also grab attention

Our traditional food and preparation has a lot of wisdom behind it, lot of people have started using olive oil, canola oil, avocado oil in cooking which is not needed at all for Indian food as it has low smoking point, we have much better options like Ghee, mustard oil, coconut oil(they have high smoking point), but definitely not refined oil which are just waste of money

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