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How to lose Weight?

How to lose weight?

This has become a stigma or we should say it has become an elephant in the pocket of many people.

We have started to gauge our health based on the number on the weighing scale rather than our quality of sleep, digestion or mental well being.

Its important to build some 12 to 13 habits to get long term results with respect to weight loss, otherwise you can lose weight with any diet but you may bounce back to the same weight within few weeks because it was a short term routine which couldnt be followed for long term.

There is no substitute to physical activity and remain active keeps your mind fresh too.

We have uploaded many videos on how we help people lose weight in our program and guidance, do have a look at them on our Youtube page :

Besides that, have realistic goals of weight loss and sustain them for long term, your health is more important than the upcoming wedding/party which may definitely be the reason for your weight loss goal. Just enjoy the process and weight loss is inevitable.

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Rahull Agarwal

Healing India

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