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How much water should i drink?

Often people come to me and ask how much water should i drink or take in a day?

There are lot of information on the same available on the internet, some say you should drink 4-5 litres per day while some say you should only drink when you are thirsty. So its confusing at time. Let me help you bring some thoughts and commonsense to this idea. On an average, an individual should drink water 5% of their body weight. Example : If you 60 kilos you need 3 litres, if you are 80 kilos then you need 4 litres and if 100 kilos then you require 5 litres. Now this may change a little here and there depending on the weather, you can consume little less water in winters which is fine and you may consume little more water in summer which is also good, but on an average you need 5% of your body weight.

If you are an athlete you may require little more to avoid cramps and dehydration, so its about applying commonsense. On a given day if you are most of the time working from home/office and not running around you may require little less water compared to the day when you are under the sun most of the time.

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Rahull Agarwal

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