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Health is much more than just a number on weighing scale!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Whenever I weigh myself it always shows the same weight, I am tired of seeing myself in 80s. I think I can't reduce weight, I won't be able to fit into my old jeans.

I have tried multiple diets but nothing seems to work on me. I still have those fats hanging around my waist. I think that's how the life is post delivery or after 30s, these are some common thoughts which keeps fluttering around in their mind all day long and although out.

Often women's, take food which is left over of previous night or they just eat anything just to satisfy themselves thinking if they eat less, it will help them loose some kilos.

It takes sometime to make them understand that eating less doesn't serve the purpose, infact it leads to problems like PCOS/irregular cycles/insulin resistance and what not..

Beechme bhook lagti hai to they go and munch monaco biscuits which they think it has no sugar or one piece of chocolate 🍫 to satisfy their cravings as well as hunger...

It has become very fancy to look for one magic ingredient which can help them loose belly fat or come out of PCOS etc. But it's not as simple as that, you can not go to next class by just scoring good grades in a single subject... We need to score decent overall if not good grades.

Healthy lifestyle is a wholistic way of approaching all the problems in life with respect to health in a balanced way.. Balancing 4 pillars Good food, adequate rest, regular exercise, positive mental attitude..

That's what my purpose is to make them understand that don't only look for weight loss, you will compromise on other organ functions like thyroid, PCOS etc. Instead look for wholistic way of weight reduction.

Always my intention is to tell them that this small weighing cannot decide how you feel, think and act... Health is much more than just numbers..

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