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Diabetes Care Routine

Contrary to popular belief – diabetes is a serious condition – it is more than just high blood sugar. High blood sugar due to untreated, diabetes damages many organs in the body. When diabetes is well controlled with the help of nutritionist such damage is avoided or minimized.

How to start?

  • Should watch weight in particular waist line.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Eat healthy – cut out fat, reduce refined rich fried food, avoid calorie dense sweets and red meat.

  • Eat pulses, vegetables and fruits, avoid or reduce alcohol intake and go for medical checkup regularly.

  • Avoid excessive psychological and physical stress.

Looking for best dietician near me? Call us to book an appointment and get your queries answered.

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Our Programs

Know how it works :)

  • One on one online consultation (30-45 minutes - initial assessment which includes your medical history assessment as well)

  • Preprogram (1 Week)Main Program

  • Meal Tracking

  • What's app support for all queries.

  • Weekly follow ups through calls or video consultation

  • Online Workout session (Optional)

  • Advice for Vitamin and minerals, if necessary

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can not be build up in a single day..

It takes efforts and time

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