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Get in touch with the nutritionist

Lose 2.5 - 4 kg per month with a lifestyle routine which is healthy, nutritious and delicious.

If only people could lose weight by starving themselves, they often lose muscle mass which makes them feel lethargic.

Therefore, you can achieve your goals and experience multifold increase in energy levels with lifestyle which are healthy & nutritious and do not deprive you of any essential macro/micro nutrient. Often we need a companion whom we can be accountable with, who can help us in keeping on track.

Looking for dietician near me or nutritionist near me?. We are one of the best dietician & nutritionist in bangalore helping clients to understand their body better, to know more get in touch with us.


Fat to Fit Journey of an actor who changed his body parameters by working hard on his routine and lifestyle & reduced 20+....


Reverse Ageing & PCOS through healthy lifestyle. Not only reduced 7 kgs but also improved thyroid and PCOS profile..


Lifestyle correction is the not only about losing weight, but also about the energy levels, fat loss, digestive system, good sleep etc..


The fight was not only against weight loss, it was against loss of other problems associated with it like thyroid, arthritis, back pain, less energy and so.. Lost 20 kg with correct lifestyle..

Success Stories (Click on pictures)

1. One on one online consultation (30-45 minutes – initial assessment which includes your medical history assessment as well).
2. Preprogram (1 Week)
3. Main Lifestyle Program (8-10 weeks) and then maintenance.
4. Meal Tracking on Whatsapp.
5. What’s app/Call support for all queries.
6. Weekly follow ups through calls or video consultation.
7. Workout session Youtube Link.
8. Advice for Vitamin and minerals, if necessary.

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